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Welcome to my Web Hub!

My name is CharmaineZoe and I live in a beautiful medieval village in the heart of the Midlands of England. I have been interested in digital graphic art for several years, with a particular interest in Fractal and Kaleidoscope Art and now have my own Zazzle store where you are able to buy my designs on everything from t-shirts, ties,  mugs, mousepads, gift wrapping paper, clocks to name just a few and now even on FABRIC!.

          Apart from my Kaleidoscope Kreations Zazzle store, I have incorporated my other interests into the site as well, so you will find stuff on family history & genealogy, digital art, scrapbooking, gardening, my dogs, Pepsi and Max, my first (and only!) attempt at short story writing, and lots of other stuff you can find by clicking the MORE button at the top of the page.

          I also have a fairly extensive web presence, having been on line for over 10 years so need somewhere to keep track of all the websites I am registered with, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog Catalog, SpicyPage, to name just a few. I also have several more Zazzle stores to keep track of, as well as a number of other websites for my artwork and several curation sites. 

          A major feature is a Travel Journal I am transcribing of a 5 week trip across the USA which covered 22 states. (Look for Trans-American Adventure in the navigation sidebar). As this is such a huge project it will take some time to complete, so I will be updating the Latest Additions box below showing the latest stage I'm at. The site also incorporates what I hope is an entertaining Blog as well as Art & Photo and Video Galleries.

           In fact I have called this my Web Hub and it truly does bring all my hobbies, interests and web activity together in one place. Find out more on my About Me page and I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to leave comments and if you really like my site why not become a member of my community.

P.S. Make sure you visit my Artist's website KALEIDOSCOPE KREATIONS
I also have a range of outlets for my artwork at these online stores:

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