This gorgeous card took me all day, it doesn't look much but believe me it's been a herculean task! Each flower and bud has 3 colours, each colour element has to be die cut separately, then each layer is assembled and glued together - there are 6 elements in each flower and 4 in each bud! I decided to put them on an oval background so die cut 4 layers of card, one for each colour. I then die cut some leaves and inked a selection of them, just to give some colour variety. Once the flowers were assembled I stuck a little green bead in the centre of each one and then arranged the flowers, buds and leaves in what I think is a pleasing arrangement. All I had to do then was die cut the Happy Birthday sentiment twice, one in each colour and glue them together, ensuring the one in front was slightly off centre to give a shadow effect. Then I added a few green beads to fill up some of the white space - whew!. Then just had to stick everything in place once I was happy with the layout. Now that it's finished and available for sale on it will certainly brighten someone's special day!